Kassim Osgood is sporting the new YMA Nightowl Polo in this video with host and owner of the YMA brand, Joe Wallace!

Established in March of 2007, YMA is a luxurious clothing line that was created with a vision primarily focused on the younger generation. They are the inspiration for creating the line. YMA’s apparel does not perpetuate negative images or people but rather focuses on visualization that signifies the ability adolescents have in establishing strength, stability and success in their younger years.

The brand’s attention to detail gives YMA an appeal far beyond its core urban customer. YMA concentrates on providing its consumers with clever innovative terms of fabrication and application. Joseph Wallace’s ideas are both personalized and original in design while also making a strong statement. It is unsurprising how quickly YMA gained notoriety even before its inception into the mainstream.

For those who think fashion makes a statement, Young Millionaires Association expresses the power of positive thinking. The clothing line proclaims preeminence in accomplishing even the highest odds.

For the consumer, the concept of Young Millionaires Association is to send a message to our youth of self-confidence, self-assurance and self-reliance while simultaneously delivering a universal message that breaks stereotypes and ethnic boundaries, setting a new standard.

Joseph Wallace’s mission for YMA is to instill into the minds of youngsters the message “Young, Successful and Loving It.” It is synonymous with dedication, determination, persistence, motivation, faith, belief and success. He understands that our kids are the future. With this in mind, Joseph Wallace takes pride in supporting teenagers so that they can attain their personal goals and become within reach of their every potential and achieve their ambitions.

At the heart of Joseph Wallace’s strategy is his commitment to delight his customers by consistently delivering the right combination of innovation, design and value in YMA’s merchandising and marketing.

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